Johanson Manufacturing produces High Quality Trimmer Capacitors, Non Magnetic Variable Inductors and Microwave Tuning Elements.

Johanson Manufacturing Corporation General Application Notes

Johanson RF/Microwave Capacitors and Microwave Tuning Devices are precision components and require specific handling during installation and adjustments. if these simple procedures are followed, your Johanson component can be expected to provide you with trouble free service.

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Cera-Trim® Handling Procedures

There Are three types of Cera-Trim® capacitors, "UV Curable" Top Sealed, "Tape Dot" Top Sealed and "Un-sealed". Cera-Trims® with a single numeric digit dash number are "UV Curable" Top Sealed. Cera-Trims® with a double numeric dash number below -10 are "Tape Dot" Top Sealed. All other Cera-Trims® are un-sealed.

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Giga-Trim® Handling Instructions

Giga-Trim® Capacitors are compatible with a wide variety of cleaning processes including those that utilize aqueous cleaning solutions, alcohol solutions, de-ionized water and numerous other cleaners.

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Giga-Trim® Solder Pad Layouts

Giga-Trims® are tiny trimmer capacitors which provide a straight-forward technique for fine RF and microwave circuits by eliminating time consuming methods of abrasive trimming, cut and try adjustment techniques, and interchange of fixed capacitors.

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Microwave Tuning Element Application Guide

Johanson Microwave Tuning Elements are specially designed devices for tuning microwave circuits such as filters, oscillators, delay lines, multiplexers and dielectric resonant structures.

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Tape and Reel Packaging Specifications

This specification describes the procedure for "Tape & Reel" packaging of Johanson Manufacturing Corporation components, including the Cera-Trim®, Thin-Trim®, Ceramic Trimmer® and Giga-Trim® capacitors.

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Trimmers Applications and Frequency Guide

Products, Key Features, Pf Range, Market Applications and Frequency Range.

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